The name of the organization shall be the Burien Cooperative Preschool.




The purpose of the Preschool shall be to provide a supervised program for the children and further the education of the parent members in the principles of child guidance.




a. The organization shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.
b. The organization shall not, directly or indirectly, participate in or intervene in any political campaign.
c. The organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, or national origin. This policy includes, but is

not limited to racially, religiously or sexually non-discriminatory administration by the school admissions, scholarship programs athletic programs, or extra-curricular activities.

d. The purpose for which the Burien Cooperative Preschool is organized are exclusively charitable, scientific, literary, and

educational within the meaning of section exclusively charitable, scientific, literary and educational within the
meaning of section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.

e. Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, this organization shall not carry on any other activities to be carried

on by any organization exempt from Federal income tax under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue law.

f. In the event of dissolution, the residual assets of the organization will be turned over to one or more organizations which

themselves are exempt as organizations described in section 501c(3) and 170c(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or corresponding sections of any prior future Internal Revenue Code, or the Federal, State, or Local government for exclusive public services.

g. The preschool program for each group shall be supervised by the teacher, and those cooperative members working as Serve Day Parents at each session.




a. Membership of the preschool shall be composed of participation and nonparticipating parents and their children enrolled.

A participating parent shall be that person, i.e. mother, father, or guardian who is able to participate during preschool sessions assisting the teacher and children with the daily program.

b. There shall be at least three (3) elected officers, known as the Executive Board of Directors, consisting of the President,

Health and Safety Chair (Copresident), Secretary, Treasurer and any other officers as designated in the Policies and Standards.

c. The officers shall be elected at a general parent meeting prior to April 30 for a term of one year, or until their successors

are elected. Officers shall assume their positions on May 1.

d. The nominating committee, consisting of one preschool board member and one person from each class shall be

appointed by the preschool Board of Directors to present a slate of officer’s at the March parent meeting. Nominations for officers will be open to the general membership at the April parent meeting prior to elections.

e. A simple majority of membership present at the April meeting is required for elections.
f. The preschool Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Board of Directors, (President, Health and Safety Chair (co-

President), Secretary, and Treasurer), Co-Treasurer, the Firefly class representative, Dragonfly class representative, Otter class representative, Otter class representative, Fundraiser, Membership Coordinator, Parent Education Coordinator, Resource Coordinator, and the teachers.

g. The members of the preschool Board of Directors not elected shall be appointed by the Executive board of Directors.




Section I 

Executive Board of Directors

a. Interviews and hires new teachers.
b. Negotiates teacher’s contracts.
c. Approves teacher’s salary increases and bonuses.
d. Establishes estimated budget and any revisions needed.
e. Plans September orientation meeting for all parents.
f. Arranges for annual audit of preschool financial records.
g. Maintain files concerning preschool business.
h. Obtains appropriate liability, accident, and fire insurance.

Section II

Preschool Board of Directors

a. Approves all major expenditures for equipment and supplies.
b. Determines need for fundraising, publicity, and any tuition fee adjustment.
c. Approves sale of unused preschool equipment.
d. Makes annual inventory of school equipment and supplies.
e. Makes necessary revisions in By-Laws and Policies and Standards.
f. Plans preschool open house.
g. Plans business meeting in conjunction with parenting class.
h. Directs Resource personnel to perform their tasks when necessary.
i. Determines closing of the preschool group for whatever reason.

Section III


a. Acts as overall coordinator for Preschool activities.
b. Coordinates use of preschool rooms with owners of the facility and acts as liaison.
c. Acts as chairperson for the Executive board and the preschool Board of Directors.
d. Attends workshop for officers.
e. Arranges for September orientation Meeting, including creation of the preschool calendar and Board meeting schedule.
f. Cooperates closely with the Teacher in matters of Parent/Teacher relationships.

Section IV

Health and Safety Chair (Co-President)

a. Conducts Quarterly inspection of preschool
b. Collect all immunization forms at the beginning of the year and as new children enter.
c. Inform parents of contagious illnesses that occur along with the symptoms they may observe.
d. Supply and maintain the first aid kit.
e. Coordinate supplies for the earthquake kits
f. Responsible for or assist in updating the health and safety bulletin board.
g. In the absence or disability of the president, the Health and Safety Chair shall perform the duties of the president,

provided, however that in the case of death resignation, or disability of the president, the board of Directors may declare the office vacant and elect any eligible person president.

Section V


a. Collects mail for the preschool on a regular basis.
b. Maintains a complete set of financial records (GL, PR, AP).
c. Attends workshop for officers.
d. Attends Board meetings.
e. Pay all bills authorized by preschool Board of Directors by their due dates.
f. Obtains receipts for all monies spent.
g. Prepares and submits all state and federal forms and filings when due.
h. Pays Teacher’s salary on the last working day of each month, September to May. Submits payment to the bank for the

related payroll expenses each month.

i. Prepares a financial report each month and submits one copy to each member of the preschool Board of Directors.
j. Maintain files of the Co-op, including but not limited to monthly and annual financial reports, payroll records (federal taxes,

L&I, W-4s, etc.), insurance records, bank statements and reconciliations, and non-profit documents.

k. Complete all financial surveys and requests for financial data from Bates.
l. Submit financial summary for inclusion in the newsletter each month.
m. Assist the Co-Treasurer with collection of payments from members at Parent Meetings as needed.

Section VI


a. Maintains a complete set of financial records (AR).
b. Attends workshop for officers.
c. Attends board meetings.
d. Writes receipts for all monies.
e. Prepares bank deposits and deposits such money in the general account.
f. Reconciles bank statement for each month.
g. Enters all moneys received in general ledger or accounting software program currently used, as determined by treasurer

and co-treasurer.

Section VII


a. Records minutes of business transaction at all Board meetings, special meetings and at all Parent Meetings.
b. Distributes copies of minutes to Board members and posts one copy for signatures of those absent from the monthly

Parent Meetings. Maintains signed copy with his/her files.

c. Writes thank you notes whenever necessary.
d. Attend workshops for officers.

Section VIII

Resource Coordinator

a. Reviews, revises and distributes Class Support Positions evenly to all classes, with Teachers approval, prior to the

Welcome picnic late August.

b. Distributes a copy of the Class Support Positions to the board in time for completion of the class handbooks.
c. Facilitates Class Support Positions sign ups and assignments at Orientation.
d. Communicates specific responsibilities to all Class Support Position personal by the first week of school.
e. Monitors job performance and shares additional information and encouragement to enable all Class Support Position

personal to perform their jobs effectively.

f. Works closely with The Board, specifically the Teachers and Class Representatives, to ensure that all jobs are being


g. Attends workshops for officers.


Section IX

Membership Coordinator

a. Returns phone calls and emails regarding interest in enrollment.
b. Assists with assembly and distribution of Handbooks to preschool families prior to Orientation.
c. Works with Class Representatives and Health and Safety Officer to ensure that each family completes all paperwork and


d. Directs new members to Volunteer, Cleaning and Resource Coordinator to sign up for individual commitments.
e. Maintains and updates class rosters, distributing most current roster to the Board and Communications Coordinator.
f. Provides Teachers and Health and Safety Officer relevant information from individual registration forms.
g. Attends workshops for officers.

Section X

Class Representative

a. Collects all paperwork from each class member at Orientation.
b. Ensures that all forms are filled out and distributed or filed appropriately.
c. Verifies training has been provided for each person working in the classroom as a Serve Day Parent.
d. Confirms that children are up to date with their immunization, or that the waiver side of the immunization form has been

filled out.

e. Prepares monthly work schedules prior to each Parent Meeting and distributes one copy to each parent/guardian, teacher

and advisor and posts one copy in the preschool.

f. Acts as liaison for his/her class with monthly reports at Board Meetings.
g. Distributes current class rosters to the families in their class.
h. Communicates with Resource Coordinator when individuals in their class need assistance or confirmation regarding the

responsibilities of their job.

i. Attends workshops for officers.

Section XI


a. Researches potential fundraising events for the school as related to short and long-term goals as set forth by the Board.
b. Submits proposed events to the Board for approval.
c. Assembles and manages fundraising committee and coordinates with Resource Coordinator to ensure fundraising Class

Support Positions are adequately filled.

d. Coordinates and organizes fundraising events.
e. Attends workshop for officers.
f. Attends Board meetings.



a. The teacher shall have a signed contract starting the school year, terms and hours of work, salary, and conditions of

teaching, holidays, and provisions for absence, termination of contract and will maintain them in their files.

b. Teacher’s contract shall be negotiated annually with the Executive Board and finalized before the school year ends.
c. The teachers shall be supervised and conduct preschool sessions.
d. The teachers shall plan the preschool program for his/her group.
e. Teachers will attend Bates In-services and all Board and Parent Meetings.




a. Admission to the preschool shall be to those who file and pay the registration fee first and are in good standing with the


b. A child who wants to repeat a class shall be allowed to. However, the children moving up from a younger class will have

priority. If more than one child wants to repeat a class, and the class is full; a lottery will be drawn to determine the order of the children on a waiting list.

c. Exceptions to the age requirement(i.e. turns 2, 3, or 4 a few days after the age cut off) will be considered on an individual

basis at the discretion of the Teacher and the Preschool Board of Directors. (This does not presume a child will be eligible for early Kindergarten entrance).

d. A child who meets the age requirements and who is on the waiting list will have priority over a younger child (a child that

does not meet the age requirements detailed in item d above) on the waiting list.

e. One parent/guardian must work a scheduled workday for each child enrolled in the preschool. Members with multiple

children in class must work one day for each child in that class.

f. Termination of membership is at the discretion of the Preschool Board of Directors for members with poor attendance at

the Parent Meetings, unpaid fees, or for not fulfilling their obligation in the classroom as a participating parent. A complete list of causes for membership termination by the Board is kept in the Handbook.

g. Children enrolled must have the Washington State Health Immunization Form and Consent to Medical Care of a Minor

form on file before participating in preschool sessions.




a. The Preschool Registration fee is established yearly by the preschool to cover insurance and to hold a position in the

class. This fee is non-refundable. Fees are to be paid before admission to preschool.

b. The Parent Education fee is established by Bates Technical College and is paid quarterly.
c. The Executive Board of Directors shall set tuition fees forth each year.
d. Tuition fees are payable for the months of September through May and are collected at the Parent Meetings each month.

May tuition is due in advance of the school year or as set forth by the Executive Board of Directors.

e. Members who terminate without reconciling outstanding past due fees and charges shall not be allowed to register

children in the Preschool until those fees and charges are paid in full and considered in the member is in good
standing in all areas of membership.

f. A 14-day written notice is to be given to the preschool Treasurer or Class Representative prior to leaving the Preschool.
g. Fees may be changed after school begins by a majority vote of the membership.
h. If a child registers after Preschool sessions have begun, tuition will be prorated for the month enrolled.
i. When a member terminates during the year, tuition will be refunded only as set forth by the Executive board of Directors






The By-Laws of the Burien Cooperative Preschool may be amended by simple majority of the membership acting upon the recommendation of the Preschool Board of Directors or the motion of any member at the meeting following (minimum of 30 days) the presentation of the recommendation or motion.

Revised: 1983,1985,1987,1989,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,2000,2002,2004,2005, 2008