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Parent Education

In order to provide the best care and promote the co-op philosophy, part of participation at our school is parent education.  These educations are opportunities for families to participate in learning opportunities in topics like childhood development and parenting techniques.

Every month on the third Thursday, one parent from each family will attend our monthly parent meeting.  This is a requirement as part of  our affiliation with Bates Technical College.  Within these meetings, we provide parent education among other thing.  We will have engaging and informative parent education and guest speakers.  

Benefits of Affiliation with Bates

2022/2023 BCP Parent Education Calendar

Our wonderful affiliation with Bates Technical College allows us to provide our families and teachers with multiple benefits including but limited to:

  • Laboratory time

  • Parent Education credits (College Credit)

  • Access to our Bates instructor

  • Access to electronic offerings, educational seminars, and fun family events sponsored by Bates

  • Teacher trainings

  • Leadership trainings for the Board

  • Access to the Resource Center at Bates Campus

  • Access to the Parent Child Preschool Council Scholarship Fund

  • Statewide Insurance Coverage

Additionally, our Bates instructor will be stopping by class to get to know your family and support with any specific challenges or concerns.  

Contact if you have any additional questions or suggestions for topics.

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