Our School

At Burien Cooperative Preschool we celebrate our ages and stages. While we are constantly learning here, our foremost goal is not to prepare for kindergarten, but to meet the needs of today. We strive to meet children where they are and provide ample opportunities to tackle the building blocks of social life, get their hands dirty in arts and sciences, and foster a love of learning and nature. We are a community that loves and accepts them for who they are today, as well as the person they have the potential to become. We want to give children time—time to be kids and to feel free to be themselves—to create and discover, to invent, to try and try again, to learn to cope and cooperate with one another, to find joy, laughter, and friendships.


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You can also learn more by reviewing our handbook, standing rules and bylaws, and watching the video below to get a sense of our history, and our goals for the future.

Our space belongs to our children. With all their senses they are learning through play. 

Our Space

Our space belongs to our children. With all their senses, they are learning through play. Throughout the school there is an explosion of discovery, learning, language and joy.


You will see kids in the art room with purple and green faces and rainbow colored fingers. You will see kids outside digging and building in the giant sandbox or splashing and wading in the shallow creek. You will see kids with muddy bare feet and shaving cream in their ears and bellybuttons. Rubber boots are the recommended footwear here. We are not afraid of cold, wet, or snowy weather.


You will see kids playing and exploring outdoors in a playhouse and barn, a boat, an outdoor theater, and indoors on several play structures, including an enormous tree house with a spiral tube slide. You'll see kids hand-cranking homemade ice cream, grinding wheat and kneading homemade play dough, or having a snack with a friend in the preschool's kitchen. You might see fairy princesses dancing with streamers in the circle room, or a wonderful wizard casting spells in the hall. You will see kids making playdough pastries in the bakery and building wooden airplanes in the workshop. Burien Co-op is a great place to be a kid!