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Class and Board Positions

Each family is excepted to have either a Board or a Class (Operations Support) position.  It is important these roles are filled in order to have the school run smoothly.  Throughout the school year, each family will participate in at least 30 hours of volunteered time.  This time will be spent in your assigned Operations Support positions and volunteering for at least one Cleaning party, one Work Party and one Special Event.  

Our Board positions are outlined on Meet Our Board page.

For more information on Operations Support positions, please email

Board Positions

Please refer to "Meet Our Board". 

Parent Education Coordinator

Works directly to set up speakers for monthly parent meetings.
Works with Board President.

Community Building/Social Coordinator

This position helps find and coordinate volunteers for various school events.

Works with Fundraising and Event Chair.

Outdoor Maintenance

This position helps to ensure the beauty and maintenance of our outdoor space.  
Works directly with Resource Coordinator.

Classroom/Teacher Support

These positions help assist teachers with various special projects in the classroom.
Works with Teacher(s).

Fundraising and Event Coordinator

Assists the Fundraising and Event Chair with different projects including coordinating family hours for special events.
Works with Fundraising and Event Chair.

Fundraising and Event Class Rep

This position helps find and coordinate efforts for various fundraising events. 

Works with Fundraising and Event Chair.

Auction Coordinator

This position helps to store, collect and manage items for our biggest fundraiser the annual auction.  

Works with Fundraising and Event Chair.


This position assists Teachers with documentation collection and portfolio assembly. 

Works with Teachers.

Fundraising and Event Auctria & Video Support Rep

These positions work on auction support and coordination of fundraising items.
Work with Fundraising and Event Chair.

Webmaster and Social Media Liaison

The person will assist with social media accounts including webpage updates.

Works with Communications Director.


This position executes marketing plans (such as putting together a banner or other marketing materials) as assigned by Board priorities. 

Works with Communications Director.


This position coordinates pictures throughout the year to assembly the yearbook. 

Works with Communications Director.

Special Project Team

This position completes different unique, miscellaneous projects for the school as needs arise. 

Works with Resource Coordinator.

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