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Our Teachers

Teacher Danielle Doll teaches our Fireflies, Puffins, and Forest School classes. Teacher Megan leads the Puffins, and Orcas. They are committed to meeting every child where they are at, supporting families through their BCP years and beyond, and bringing some magic to childhood.

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Teacher Megan

Hello! I’m Teacher Megan and I’m completely honored to be a part of the BCP family. I started at Burien Co-Op as a parent and immediately connected with the philosophy of the school. It’s magic. A place to slow down, be reminded of how much fun it is to be a kid, and make meaningful connections with other families.


I’m mom to three-year-old Delilah and four-year-old Owen. We are nature lovers, animal lovers, food lovers, and avid gardeners. I graduated with a Theatre degree from Florida State University, but swiftly shifted to working with kids in various forms for the last 11 years. Kids are my favorite company. They feel their feelings without judging them first (I’m sure you’ve noticed!), observe the tiny details we adults filter out, and find joy in the everyday. Pretty much everything I strive to do.

I believe that kids are born learners. Rather than “teaching” children, I believe they thrive when given the space and freedom to fully explore their surroundings, make gigantic messes, get frustrated, be noisy, and use objects in whatever way inspires them (You see a spatula for cooking, they see a paint smacker). I believe in offering kids real objects to explore, textures to feel, squeeze, smear, and pour. I believe an early childhood classroom should be a “YES” space. Short of destruction, there is no wrong way to play. I believe in slowing down when we can. Doing the toddler mosey. Taking a hike in the woods that results in spending an hour at the same puddle. Observing and listening with our children more than we speak. Letting them lead the play.

I am a hardcore advocate for play-based learning in early childhood and feel that protecting play is the greatest gift we can give as early childhood educators.


I massively believe in outdoor/nature learning. Nature is medicine for the brain and the heart. It’s a full curriculum of science, art, math, and language. I’m a huge fan of bringing elements of nature into play, even when we can’t be outdoors and I have yet to meet a kiddo who passes up an opportunity to play with rocks and sticks.


Lastly, my passion for kiddos is only matched by my desire to help families create their village. If I’ve learned anything from becoming a mother 2,000 miles from your nearest family member, it’s that parenting can be intense, lonely, and challenging in ways you just can't anticipate. I’m such a fan of the Co-Op structure of preschool because everyone raising tiny humans can benefit from being around others going through the same exact phase of life. I know that I am most definitely a different parent after experiencing BCP and being surrounded by other parents and caregivers who GET IT.


I’m so excited to meet you and your little ones!

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Teacher Danielle

My name is Danielle and I use she/her pronouns. I feel honored to be a part of the Burien Co-Op community. I was introduced to BCP in 2016 as a nanny to an attending family. I have wanted to be a part of BCP ever since! The joy, growth and learning that happens through play, tinkering and friendship is magical. I feel privileged to be a part of this unique and special community.

I am a cheerful, conscientious, kind, inclusive, gentle, creative and caring individual. I enjoy using art, music and general goofiness to find each individual’s voice and method of

expression. I’m emotionally supportive and adaptable, outgoing and friendly.

My husband Tori and I share our home with 3 large dogs (a Saint Bernard named Frank, a Mastiff named Axl, and an adorable mutt named Nala), 3 cats (George, Wilbur, and Bubbles), and 1 Sun Conure named Izzy. I spend my time outside of the class hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, camping (any excuse to be in nature) and mixed media arts.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oil Painting and Drawing from the University of Washington. I have been a nanny for 10 years, 7 of those were spent with toddlers. I volunteered at Childhaven in the infant room through college. I have been creating environments for children to grow for years.

I strive to keep a safe and supportive environment in order for everyone to have fun while learning. Being outside and learning about the natural world around us is important to me.

Every tactile, messy, sensory experience gives young minds a flood of information. I wholeheartedly believe in the value of play-based education. Creating a space where there are no wrong ways to learn is integral in my approach. I support child-lead play because they will come up with things we couldn’t imagine. Each child sees the world differently and it is vital to me to learn the individual’s needs. We will build a room that is a “yes” space and we can all grow together.

I have been told my dedication and genuine love for children is exemplified by my unique talent for naturally syncing with children’s rhythms through verbal and nonverbal outlets for

expressing themselves. Also that I am adept at allowing children to spontaneously transition into art from play! The family I have worked with the longest said “She celebrates their successes and risk-taking; she delights in their adventures, their drawings, their worlds of pretend, and their accomplishments and developed skills. It is obvious though, in the way she

speaks of the other children at BCP and in her interactions with them, that Danielle truly loves ALL children. She celebrates each child’s unique individuality and character. She is a

cheerleader for children, and they feel it.”


I love working with children and am delighted to be brought on as the Toddler teacher! This is a dream come true and I look forward to building relationships with each child that comes

through BCP. This opportunity has me eager to start the year!

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