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Safety Plan

Burien Co-Op Preschool survives to keep everyone healthy and happy. In an effort to do so, we have spent an expansive amount of continuous time and energy to provide a safe environment. With COVID-19 updates happening regularly, we work on continuous updates within our safety plan.

Burien Cooperative Preschool follows the 2019 Risk Management Manual developed by the Organization of Parent Education Programs (OPEP), as well as their 2020 COVID-19 Safety and Health addendum. These policies and procedures are implemented to prevent and minimize accidents and liability. Every year and prior to participation in the co-op, each serve parent must attend Risk Management Training and understand the following policies.

Please contact if you have any questions.

First Aid Kit

COVID 19, Flu, Common Cold, RSV and other common illness

As a community, we take every measure to ensure safety.  This includes hand washing and screening.  We also strive to educate our community in various aspects of different illnesses and communicable diseases. 

Burien Co-Op participates in daily cleaning and disinfecting processes and monthly deep cleaning processes. 


Below are handouts provided by CDC and DOH on different common illnesses and communicable diseases.   

Emergency Preparedness

Part of our community education involves natural and manmade disasters such as fire, earthquake, and intruders.  The goal is to make the safest community possible for everyone. Safety is paramount to everyone.

If there are any questions, please contact

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