School Update

BCP is going Outside!  Beginning in Fall of 2020, we will be providing an Outdoor School for small classes of students, to mitigate the current pandemic risks.


Our amazing teachers and supportive band of parents, alumni and community members have come together through our roller-coaster of a year in a way that shows the legacy of our school as well as the value of affordable, play-based preschool education.  We will make these transitions ahead gracefully and provide joyful, memorable learning experiences.


Enrollment is currently open for the 2020-2021 school year.  If you're interesting in joining us, you can find our registration form at the "Join Us" page above.  Send your completed form and registration fee to the P. O. Box listed, priority granted based on postmark date.

What can you do to support us?

Share our GoFundMe link and ask your networks to share it also. We've been through a lot and have an uncharted road ahead of us as an organization, and we know we can't rely solely on our volunteer parents or alumni:


Burien Co-op GoFundMe Campaign: 

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The Burien Cooperative Preschool complies with all federal regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.

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